We’ve all been there, having an intense craving for chocolate no matter what time of the day. Or have you been craving chocolate a lot lately? It might not just be because you are having a large appetite for something sweet, but it can also mean that your body is craving for Magnesium.

craving for chocolate

According to this article, ‘Cravings for specific foods could be an indication of a deficiency in a micro or macro nutrient. In particular, a craving for chocolate could highlight a magnesium deficiency,’ explains nutritionist Emily Whitehead.

‘Magnesium is an essential mineral and is required for over 200 enzyme reactions in the body. So, trying eating a good quality dark chocolate (preferably organic and above 70% cocoa) which is a rich source of magnesium,’ she advises.

Magnesium helps build bones and ensures our nerves and and muscles work properly. Did you know that having a deficiency in Magnesium could affect your ability to function properly? If you’re experiencing migraines, insomnia, extreme fatigue and you find it hard to concentrate, you might want to have your Magnesium levels checked.

So before you grab that big bar of milk chocolate and give in to that sweet craving, you should consider eating foods rich in Magnesium such as spinach, yogurt, pumpkin seeds and almonds.

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